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28 January 2021
UK FinTech Mission to Austria & Switzerland 2021

Panel discussion

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10.15-11.00 CET, January 28th 2021


Manuela Andaloro, Managing Director of SmartBizHub

Manuela is a senior advisor with 20 year experience in strategic content, marketing and business development. She has held global and regional roles in financial services in Milan, London and Zurich, with responsibilities spanning across project management, communications, digital transformation and stakeholder management, and is passionate about macroeconomics and social change.

Chris Skinner, Independent Commentator on the Financial Markets

Author of best-seller DIGITAL HUMAN and latest book Doing Digital. He is known as one of the most influential people in technology, and known as an independent commentator on the financial markets and fintech through his blog, theFinanser.com

Katherine Foster, Chief Strategy Officer of the Open Earth Foundation

Katherine is Chief Strategy Officer of the Open Earth Foundation and the lead consultant on the UN Task Force Dialogue on BigFintech impacts on SDGs. She has been spearheading innovation at the nexus of technology, policy, climate change and sustainable development for 25 years.

Pietro Carnevale, CEO of HITS, a Generali Swiss based Insurtech Hub

Pietro joined the Generali Group in 2014 and has expertise in digital transformation and strategic innovation. He has led the set-up of the local innovation platform The Garage in 2018 and played a key role in the modernisation and transformation of the business. Pietro is also Board Member of F10, the leading Swiss FinTech Accelerator in Zurich. 

Fiona Frick, CEO of Unigestion

Fiona Frick has been the CEO of Unigestion since 2011. She began her career at the firm in 1990 as a fundamental analyst covering traditional asset classes and subsequently as investment manager for bond funds. Fiona is a regular speaker at industry events and is often called upon by Bloomberg TV, CNBC and Sky News to share her views on the global economic outlook and financial markets.


As Fintech advances, how will intelligent automation, performance analytics and big data impact professionals as well as customers? Will sustainability and green finance be increasingly driven by data? Together with our esteemed panellists we'll discuss:

1. Intelligent Automation. Market traders are increasingly leveraging fully automated investment and trading decision-making. What is the balance between the power and value of algorithms and a balanced risk culture?

2. Big data. Big Data refers to both the amount of data increasingly available, and to the technology that analyses patterns in that data. Customer behavioural data to make the right offer at the right time is increasingly vital for FS players to provide individualised solutions to their clients. How can we sustainably leverage it? 

3. Green FinTech. The Fintech Action Plan and the Sustainable Finance Strategy both represent important pillars of the current EU policy agenda. Fintech appears able to respond to some shortcomings in the current sustainable finance framework (e.g. access to retail financing, ESG disclosure, verification and ratings, etc.). The relevance of the link between sustainability, finance and technology has also been evidenced by the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, which has urged all countries to re-think the models traditionally deployed and rely more on technology and sustainability. However, Fintech still raises per se relevant legal issues that need to be addressed to fulfil its promises and potential in the sustainable finance sector*.

(*European Banking Institute)

Join us and our esteemed panel of speakers for one of the most engaging sessions of the year on the FinTech scene!



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